At PC Design Foundry we build fully custom computer enclosures to order in our workshop. Each one is a unique product tailored to a customers needs. The base design uses sheet metal and corner extrusion parts that we CNC cut to get the entry cost as low as possible. In addition we try to accommodate any options to take your design to a higher level of quality and aesthetics if desired. The software on this website has been created to help you explore design in 3D prior to ordering an enclosure or system. However there are limits to the options we have listed. If you have any other change requests just get in touch or submit them on on the design review page.

Cost and Lead-time.

To give and exact cost we will need to go through some of the design process. However to give you a rough idea, lowest cost design such as a small SFF sheet metal enclosure is in the range of £500 to £700. Distributors will add about £200 per set. Larger cases can be £800 up to £1200 and glass windows can add another £100 to £200.
We operate a waiting list based on first come first serve. Our current estimated time for delivery is 6 to 8 weeks.

Product Specification

  1. Sheet metal enclosure. We use 2.0 mm thick Aluminium 6082 T6 CNC cut and bent to a high precision.
  2. Corner extrusions CNC machined from Aluminium 6082 with M4 Tappex Inserts.
  3. Painted enclosure parts to any color you specify.
  4. Our enclosure is built to be super stiff.
  5. Removable side panels are screwed in place and can include vibration damping foam for best acoustic performance.
  6. Side panel screws are large head slotted stainless steel with a cosmetic finish.
  7. We use M3 standoffs for the motherboard mounting unless otherwise requested.
  8. We do not provide separate fan control.

Sheet Metal

2.0 mm thick Aluminium 6082 T6 CNC cut using a Stoney CNC JBEC 1259012 router and bent to a high precision using Baileigh Industrial, Magnetic Box and Pan Folder
Custom PC Case Sheet Metal
Custom PC Case Sheet Metal
Custom PC Case Sheet Metal

Corner Extrusions

Aluminium 6082T6 CNC machined. With Tappex inserts for fastening to sheet metal..
Custom PC Case Extrusion
Custom PC Case Extrusion
Custom PC Case Extrusion

Front IO

Top front IO panel board and cable assembly with 2x USB3.0, 2X USB2.0, Audio Out, Audio In, Blue LED back-light Power/Reset Button.
Custom PC Front IO PCB
Custom PC Front IO  PCB
Custom PC Front IO  PCB

Custom Distributor Plates

We can manufacture distributor plates or blocks. Including tapping for G1/4 water cooling fittings and custom made O rings to size. These are made from two sheets of 10 mm cast Acrylic sandwiched together.

Rear IO

Rear IO can be side light with LED strip. The Number of PCI card slots as well as the orientation of the PCI cards can be modified as required.

Removable Dust Filters

Enclosure includes two magnetically attached removable dust filters. One on the front fan and one on the bottom intake vents.

Custom Cables

We can manufacture custom sleeved power cables if required.

Optional Acrylic Enclosure Front Panel

The enclosure comes as standard with an aluminium sheet metal front and rear trim with open fan or optical drive access at the front. There is an optional CNC cast acrylic front bezel for improved aesthetics and acoustics. It can be clear if you wish to see the fans or it can be painted with acoustic foam or logo added.
Optional CNC Acrylic Front Panel.
Standard Sheet Metal Front Trim.

Other Optional Parts

  1. 5 mm thick acoustic foam insulation on side and front panels.
  2. Hard or soft line water cooling.
  3. Carbon Fiber Panels.
  4. Tempered Glass Panels.
  5. Rear IO LED Lighting.